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Markus Idvall is a senior lecturer in ethnology at the Department of Ethnology, History of Religion and Gender Studies, Stockholm University. Markus Idvall was the head of the Centre for Oresund Region Studies 2018-2019. Idvall has edited an anthology in the Centre for Oresund Region Studies' book series, Checkpoint 2020 - människor, gränser och visioner i Öresundsbrons tid (with Anna Palmehag and Johan Wessman, 2020). Idvall also edited an issue of the e-journal Gränsløs with the theme Gribshunden, Griffen, Gripen (with Lizette Gradén and Björn Magnusson Staaf, 2019). Idvall currently conducts research mainly in three cultural science fields: transnationalization, nationalism, regional movements; medicine, care and health in a cultural perspective and ethnographic method development.

You can read more about Idvall's research and publications on their page at Stockholm University.




Markus Idvall

Markus Idvall
markus [dot] idvall [at] etnologi [dot] su [dot] se